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The 411

  • GEARBros is a organization and hangout for fetish guys that stands out and above from the rest for multiple reasons. After all, GEARBros is the part of the Stormy Grove Nation for gay/bi/curious fetish dudes. Hop on over to the Grove site and have a look around. If what you find there - stuff that basically boils down to being woke, rebelling against the shallowness of today and our departure from our social nature as humans, having class, and overall standing above the fray - offends you or is something you "disagree" with, GEARBros ain't the place for your fake ass.
  • We're not just here to be horny with each other (though we definitely do that as well); we're here to be bros with each other. Male bonding is an awesome thing; male sexuality is nothing without it. Fetish is best enjoyed surrounded by homeboys, not randoms.
  • GEARBros stands out because this is a place for the guys who are 100% on the real. There are plenty of other places for those of y'all who are fake.
  • If you're looking for a fetish "community" where you just jerk off, GEARBros is not for you. While we are as horned up as any other fetish guys are, we go a layer deeper here. We're all bros; we're all family in that Stormy Grove way, and we don't "rank" bonds here.
  • Nobody that's shallow is welcome here; that should go without saying by this point. If you are one of the guys who only likes white guys, your racist ass has no place here. If you discriminate based on height, kick rocks. If you are the type to have negative shit to say about our "bigger" bros, you're not welcome. This is not exhaustive, by the way.
  • No straight-up, outright dick or ass pictures. Showing crack or the shaft top in gear is a-okay!
  • If you are not of legal age, you may not participate in GEARBros until you are.
  • When you first join, you will have to be approved to participate on the site. This is to properly vet people and make sure only on-the-real is on GEARBros!


Notes About the Logo

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